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Lovingly Compiled by Nightwing
Please do not distribute without asking first.

1979/80?A FLEA IN HER EAR (Georges Feydeau)......play The Fool’s Players
1980OUR TOWN (Thornton Wilder)......playPalette, Masqueand Lyre’s Theatre, Antioch
1981-85MACBETH (WilliamShakespeare)......playPabst Theatre,Milwaukee
1981-85RICHARD II(William Shakespeare)......playWisconsin ShakespeareCompany
1981-85AH, WILDERNESS(Eugene O’Neill)......playWisconsin ShakespeareCompany
1985FIRST STEPSlead - Dean ConroyfilmCBS/MOW
1985 ?PALLADIUM ISMOVING (Lenore Carlson ?)......playThe Court Theatre
1985 ?THE TAMING OF THESHREW (William Shakespeare)......playMiracle Shakespeare Company
198618 AGAINlead - Russ DeaconfilmNew World
1986BURIED CHILD (SamShepherd)......playSouth Coast Repertory (Mainstage)
1986NOTHING IN COMMONlead - Cameron filmTri-Star
1986-87ONE BIG FAMILYprincipal cast -Don HattontvWitt Thomas; 30mins x 22 eps
1988RETURN OF THEKILLER TOMATOESlead - Chad FindletterfilmNew World
198821 JUMP STREETguest star -Officer PryortvFox; ep #2.12 Fearand Loathing with Russell Buckins
1989 ?SMART GUYSprincipal casttvNBC/Imagine Entertainment; pilot only
1989LICENCE TO KILLlead -Truman-LodgefilmMGM/UA
1989 ?WORKING GIRLprincipal cast tvNBC; pilot only
1990REPOSSESSEDlead - Father LukeBrophyfilmColumbia
1990 ?MY TALK SHOWguest startvImagine Entertainment; one ep of 65
1990THE FLASHguest star - TheGhosttvCBS; ep #1.8 The Ghost in the Machine
1991?LOVE’S LABOURS LOST (William Shakespeare)......playLos Angeles Shakespeare Festival
1992THE FIFTH CORNERguest startvNBC; ep#1.1
1992BETWEEN MAYA ANDBRAMHA......poemFigment
1991BEVERLY HILLS 90210guest star - Dale EvanstvFox; ep #213Halloween
1991/92CHEERSguest star - SlimtvNBC; ep #10.21Take Me Out to the Ballgame
1992 ?TONY AND TINAprincipal casttvFox; pilot only
1992GREETINGS FROM VENICE BEACH (Janit Baldwin, Paul Gordon and Jay Gruska)......musicalNeon Factory, LosAngeles
1992/93DOWN THE SHOREguest startvFox; one ep
1993THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JRguest star - Olaf BrackmanntvFox; ep # 1.10 Showdown
1993NOWHERE TO RUNlead - BillyfilmColumbia
1993THE FISSION OF THOUGHT......poemFigment
1993“I SEE IT!”......poemFigment
1994-95THE GEORGE CARLIN SHOWprincipal cast -Jack DonahuetvFox; approx 50 eps
1995SEINFELDguest star - JimmytvNBC; ep 6.18 The Jimmy
1995THE LAST FRONTIERprincipal cast -BillytvFox; pilot only
1995ROYAL AFFAIR (akaSTAR WITNESS ?)......filmIndependent production
1996 ?MAXguest startvDreamworks/NBC;pilot
1996-97SUDDENLY SUSANguest star - Kip RichmondtvNBC; ep #1.1,#1.13 The Ways and Means, #1.14 What a Card; #1.20 A Boy Like That
1996THE PRETENDERguest star -Michael PatricktvNBC; ep #1.10 TheBetter Part of Valour
1996DE KERSENPLUKlead - The Airport ManagerfilmStudio Nieuwe Gronden
1997-98THE MAGNIFICENT SEVENprincipal cast -Ezra StandishtvMGM/CBS; 60 mins x22 eps
1998A COAL TO HIS LIPS......novel1st Books
1998INFERNO (aka HEAT WAVE)lead - Will DezmondfilmUPN/MOW
1998 ?BLOOD CHEMISTRY......filmIndependent production; short
1999COLD FEET (US production)principal cast -David ChandlertvNBC; 60 mins x 6 eps
2000BOSTON PUBLICguest star - JoeytvFox; ep #1.11Chapter Eleven
2001CHARMEDguest star -DevlintvWarner Brothers;ep # 4.08 Must to my Ears
2002CSIguest star - Matt HudsontvCBS; ep #2.21 Anatomy of a Lye
2002ANGELguest star - TyketvFox/Mutant Enemy;ep #3.20 A New World